Khrystyna Hladka was born on July, 20, 1994 in the city of Ternopil, Ukraine. She thinks she has had a great childhood because she has spent her best childhood years in picturesque nature places in the countryside at her grandmother’s place. There she has learned to see beautiful and extraordinary things in ordinary objects.

In 2016, she graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts, Faculty of Interior Design. Immediately after graduating the university, she moved to Warsaw. Here she continues to develop her passion to design and art. Khrystyna is not afraid to make experiments. She expresses her changeable emotions in her artistic works. She always strives for perfection. Although she thinks her perfectionism has two sides of influence on her life.

Khrystyna adores travelling because journeys enrich her spiritual world and inspire her creativity. Besides the design of interior, arts and graphics, she considers landscape design, phyto-design, photography and psychology her greatest interests. She adores the sea, birds, plants, flowers, mountains, forests, warm summer mornings,morning jogging in the park. She appreciates her family and she can be a good friend to anyone.

Her motto is: “Let yourself fall but get up quickly and always move forward!”

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